Client Services

Project Based Staffing
When permanent staff additions can't be justified and your company still needs top flight executive or professional skills, interim staffing assembles the best and brightest to join your team for as long or short as you need them.

Candidate Behavioral Testing
In the world of pre-employment screening, what you see is not ordinarily what you get. With scientific reliability and speed you can access specific characteristics across all managerial positions. Avoid mis-hiring which can run in the tens of thousands. Ask what 92% screening accuracy can do for your bottom line.

Interview & Retention Training
Increase employee production and morale; Improve customer service; Reduce turnover and absenteeism; Improve retention.

Credit Checking
Eliminate unqualified applicants before they are on your payroll. Pre-employment background screening is a sure way to protect your assets, reduce turnover, and insure against negligent hiring practices. A menu of services include:

  • Employment history
  • Driving history
  • Social Security check
  • Academic verification
  • Criminal history check
  • Personal references
  • Credit history
  • License verification
  • Handwriting Assessments


Inter-city Video Conferencing
Allows clients the ability to reduce their interviewing expenses and compress the length of the hiring process. Video-conferencing is the fast, inexpensive way to interview prospective employees without leaving town.

Monthly Modern Staffing Newsletter
Each month SRI reports on the latest hiring trends in sourcing, screening, securing, retaining and promoting the highest caliber talent in compliance with state and federal laws.

Modern Staffing also showcases snapshot biographies of 6-12 high achieving supply chain and logistics managers who are motivated to make a job change.

Recruitment Advertising
Results driven corporate image and recruitment advertising that websites, brochures, diversity campaigns, classified ads, employee handbooks, newsletters, collateral, graphic design, referral and retention programs, and direct mail.

Computerized Candidate Network
In association with over 300 recruiting firms represented by over 750 recruiters/consultants, SRI has tapped into every imaginable industry discipline. Deep databases with member firms respond to client company staffing requirements with quick response turnaround times....often within several days.

Job Modeling
SRI looks at your organization's place in the market, compares it with where you would like it to be, and creates a plan to get you there through the hiring of superior performers.

Industry Surveys
SRI conducts industry surveys related to compensation, hiring trends, and merger and acquisition candidacy.

Professional Handwriting Assessments
Handwriting is as individual as a fingerprint. Just as a resume lists credentials and experience, an interview communicates appearance and poise; handwriting discloses the internal personality traits of a potential employee.

Search Resources Inc., founded in 1996, assists clients with defining and executing a strategic recruitment process. We believe this process leads to the selection and hiring of the most highly qualified supply chain and logistics professionals who solve our clients organizational problems and achieve their corporate objectives. Our ultimate goal is to fortify our client companies with proven executive talent that will build their companies by increasing top line or bottom line revenues and give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Strong networks, solid research and proven proprietary search techniques and processes refined throughout the SRI's 20+ year tenure enable us to find the best supply chain and logistics professionals for your business. SRI offers unmatched, personalized customer service and follow through while maintaining the highest professional standards and ethics in contingency and retained executive search.