SRI Process

12 Step Recruitment Process

1. SRI helps our clients craft the ideal profile of candidate for every job opening with an "Executive Search Navigator" detailing their first year performance expectations, company culture, Hiring Mgr.'s managerial style, why it's a compelling time to join their company, and competitors to be targeted.

2. Candidates are immediately sourced from SRI's database. Our experience has been that anywhere between 90-120 telephone contacts will garner 3-5 resumes from the highest achieving candidates motivated to make a job change.

3. Presenting 3-5 of the most accomplished candidates who meet or exceed clients job specifications.

4. Preparing each candidate with: clients job description, Executive Search Navigator; Value Line Company report/Annual Report; client's collateral materials; behavioral based interviewing questions and Career Balance Sheet Evaluator.

5. Additional candidate preparation includes forwarding a series of interviewing questions that include asking about our clients first year performance expectations, challenges to be addressed in the first 90 days, and finally asking if the client has any concerns about their continued candidacy.

6. Reference checking top (2) candidates for third party validation of their demonstrated achievements, management style, and teaming ability with ex-bosses, colleagues, subordinates, and clients/vendors.

7. Optional: Submit the candidate to management profile test administered by Caliper or Tims to determine candidate's long range compatibility with company culture and ultimate promotibility.

8. Securing the candidate of client's choosing with an offer that falls within the salary range specified.

9. Sending candidate a formal resignation letter and walking him/her through the exit interview and significantly reducing the possibility of a counter-offer.

10. Candidate orientation into new company and assimilation into new position.

11. Notifying candidates not chosen with a personalized letter.

12. Press releases of your company's hire(s) are sent to industry's top trade magazines for publication.

Search Resources Inc., founded in 1996, assists clients with defining and executing a strategic recruitment process. We believe this process leads to the selection and hiring of the most highly qualified supply chain and logistics professionals who solve our clients organizational problems and achieve their corporate objectives. Our ultimate goal is to fortify our client companies with proven executive talent that will build their companies by increasing top line or bottom line revenues and give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Strong networks, solid research and proven proprietary search techniques and processes refined throughout the SRI's 20+ year tenure enable us to find the best supply chain and logistics professionals for your business. SRI offers unmatched, personalized customer service and follow through while maintaining the highest professional standards and ethics in contingency and retained executive search.