Candidate Services

Resume Preparation
Resumes are re-formatted to give you the best chance of getting noticed and the first interview. Your resume will be transformed from a chronological, responsibility-based history to a high powered document on how your ideas and performance impacted your employer's bottom line.

1st Interview Preparation
Give yourself the best chance of earning the right to move into the 2nd stage of the interviewing process by mastering the techniques of selling your experience to what the company and hiring authority wants to buy. Learn the subtleties of establishing rapport, asking the most insightful questions, taking notes, and summarizing your experience to match the job opening. 4-page document.

Company Profiles
It goes without saying that the candidate who best prepares himself for the interview in terms of gathering the most information on the company usually asks the most insightful questions and gives him/herself the best chance of ending up the leading candidate at the end of the interviewing process.

2nd & 3rd Interview Preparation
This behavioral 13-page based-set of interviewing questions gives you an interviewing edge on the competition by taking you out of pre-rehearsed set of interviewing responses and prepares you to answer technical, leadership, quality, interpersonal, personal, and performance related questions with real life working examples.

Personality Profiles
More and more of today's employers are requiring potential employees to take personality profiles to assess their technical and managerial competencies to do the job being advertised along with their aptitude to be promoted to the next level. This 10-page document will help you address your potential strength and weakness before the employer does.

Cost Of Living Analysis
If considering an out of state job opportunity and would like to know what comparable housing, real estate /state taxes, teacher/student ratios, or doctor/to patient ratios are in another city SRI can have them to you same day! We can also put directly in touch with a relocation company that will walk you and your family through your area of choice and even set you up with a realtor.

Career Balance Sheet Evaluator
The career balance sheet helps evaluate the interviewing opportunities you have in front of you by examining every career and lifestyle category to be assessed when making a job change. After filling out this one-page sheet you'll have narrowed down which job opportunity is the best for you and your family in the short and long term.

Reference Check
This boiler plated letter gives you an interviewing advantage as it presents your intentions in the most favorable light and helps you navigate the interviewing process from beginning to end.





Counter Offer Documents


Employment Contracts


Salary Surveys

Search Resources Inc., founded in 1996, assists clients with defining and executing a strategic recruitment process. We believe this process leads to the selection and hiring of the most highly qualified supply chain and logistics professionals who solve our clients organizational problems and achieve their corporate objectives. Our ultimate goal is to fortify our client companies with proven executive talent that will build their companies by increasing top line or bottom line revenues and give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Strong networks, solid research and proven proprietary search techniques and processes refined throughout the SRI's 20+ year tenure enable us to find the best supply chain and logistics professionals for your business. SRI offers unmatched, personalized customer service and follow through while maintaining the highest professional standards and ethics in contingency and retained executive search.